Neon Rubber Dye

RM 65.00

This is water-based rubber screen-printing dye suitable for screen-printing cotton, polyester, TC, TK Fabric.

*Please note that colour may vary due to the lighting effect on screen.


1. Mesh 100-120 mesh/inch are the most suitable for screen printing rubber dye.

2. Use Vshape squegee to screen print the dye. Screen printing 2-3 rounds to yield maximum opacity. For each around, dye already printed on fabric should be dried before going for another round of screen printing. In case of using flash dryer, suitable temperature should be 150-180 degree c for 5-10 seconds depending on distance between printed dye and the heat source.

3. After removing printed fabric from screen printing table, final curing is recommended. Final curing can be achieved in two ways. First, use convenyer oven to cure at 150-180 degree c for 5-7 seconds. Second, use heat press machine along with teflon covering printed area to cure at 180 degree c for 7-10 seconds at medium pressure.

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