Fulry myPrinter-DTF with Fulry DTF Fulry Ink CYMK+W (5 Bottles)

RM 6,610.00

Fulry myPrinter-DTF


Printers are thinking various methods to improve the quality of printing result and to deliver the printing goods for their customer efficiently. Hence, DTF (Direct-To-Film) technology is here as the added value in printing technology where printers can print on DTF Film without go through cutting process which involve much manpower.

However, printers find it difficult to invest a large format DTF Printer due to it machines and maintenance cost. It is easily cost from RM 30k to 100k to invest on a whole large format DTF Printer package. Also, the cost of maintaining a large format DTF Printer is high because of higher cost printheads are using on each machine.

To solve the difficulty, our R&D team had modified an Epson L1800 Printer with DTF technology – Fulry myPrinter-DTF, and combine it perfectly with a Special Formulated Ink – Fulry DTF Ink. The combination of Fulry myPrinter-DTF and Fulry DTF Ink had made having a DTF Printer no more a dream because of its affordable price, lower maintenance cost and most importantly you can do it at home because of its compact size. With our special formulated Fulry DTF Ink, now desktop printer also can print DTF printing with less hassle.


Survey had been showing that major troubles of maintaining a DTF printer are:

a) Issue of ink clog causing blockage that affect the printing quality.

b) It is costly to change a printhead if the printhead spoiled.

To make the DTF Printing market to move forward, with using our Fulry DTF Ink, we are confidently to provide 1 Year Warranty on printhead for our Fulry myPrinter-DTF customer.


Printers worry that DTF printer was not fully utilizing with their orders. Besides, it is multiple costing if printers need to purchase several printers to print different types of materials.

Fulry myPrinter-DTF is here to save the cost and time for maintaining few printers. It is able to print on various types of printing materials not only the DTF Film: (i) Fulry DTF Film (Super Fast Peel) (Glossy) (ii) Fulry Inkjet PVC Stickers

Product Features:

- White ink circulation. Minimize clogs of printhead.

- Fully upgraded roller feeder. Can forward and reverse. Reverse function can smooth up reloading of film. Reduce paper jam issue of normal inkjet printers.

- Best match Acrorip software with ICC profile provided. Can produce high resolution image up to 1440 DPI. Industrial level of true colour printing.

- User friendly desktop type DTF printer. Easy to maintain.

What’s in the box:

- Fulry myPrinter-DTF printer

- Thumb drive with Acrorip V10.3 software

- Software Dongle USB

- Roller Feeder with accessories

- Adjustable Paper Tray

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