Fulry DTF Ink (CYMK+W) 250ml

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Fulry DTF Ink

Fulry DTF Ink is another good ink formulated by our R&D team after Best Seller Fulry Ink. Fulry DTF Ink specially formulated for desktop printer because of its filtered small molecule that is friendly to most of the printer printhead. Most importantly, this Fulry DTF Ink also follows the characteristic of Fulry Ink which also give true and vibrant colour to printing output.

Product Features:

- True and vibrant colour. Tested with Fulry myPrinter-DTF with Acrorip.

- Smooth ink flow. Latest filtration technology which produces small molecule of ink. This highly increases the lifetime of printhead.

- Good washability. Printing output’s colour is still look close to its original colour after washes.

- Solid white colour output. High opacity white which gives striking colour even on dark fabric.

- Firm stretchability. Best combination of white and colours ink which give good strength to the stretchability.

- Breathable feel on fabric.


- Available colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White

- Smell: Neutral

- Available size: 250ml per bottle

- Store temperature: 16 - 30 Celsius

- Humidity: 40 - 60%

- Suitable printer: Modified Epson L805, R1390, L1800 & some other large format DTF Printer

- Suitable printhead: DX5, DX7, XP600, I3200

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