Double Station Pneumatic Heat Press Machine 40x50cm

RM 5,990.00

Product Name: Heat Press Machine Pneumatic 40cmx50cm


Product Variation: (size/color/type) Blue

Gross weight:105KG

Dimension (HxWxL): 980x810x630

Function: To produce cloths with design faster using double platforms and user-friendly pneumatic press system heat press machine.

How To Use

1. Connect the heat press with the air compressor (NOT SOLD TOGETHER)

2. Put the sample on the platform and test the pressure appropriate or not, need to adjust the pressure knob if pressure not appropriate. (Turn the knob clockwise to increase the pressure, counter-clockwise to decrease pressure).

3. Turn on the machine and set the desire parameter on controller(Please do not put the products on the working platform in order to avoid bad roast). Wait machine to heat up to set value (the temperature rose to 200C degree takes about 15 minutes).

4. When the machine reached desired temperature,then put the products on the platform, press both start button on the machine head to start pressing.

Specs: 1600W

Voltage: 220V

Current: 15A

Max.Tempeature: 0~399 Celcius

Time Range: 0~999 Seconds

Product Image: (front view/side view/top view)

What's in the box: Heat press 1 unit, instruction manual 1 booklet.

Remark: Require air compressor (Specification : 2.5Horsepower, Volume : 50L, Connecting tube 8mm)


1. Solid steel framework & stainless steel hardwares. 

2. Fully digital temperature & time control. 

3. Teflon-coated thick heating platen, speed & even heater technology. 

4. Pneumatic drive, labor saving and user friendly. 

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