Fulry DTF Printhead Cleaner (100ml)

Fulry DTF Printhead Cleaner (100ml)

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Fulry DTF Printhead Cleaner (100ml)

Fulry DTF Printhead Cleaner is a cleaning liquid specially designed for DTF printer. Because of the tricky white colour of DTF, if printer do not run for a long time and did not put a moisturizing liquid at capping station, printhead may result in clog condition. Now, Fulry Printhead Cleaner is the printhead saver for you. This printhead cleaner can unblock and flush the clog printhead most of the time.

Product Features:

- Strong printhead cleaner. Can unblock the clog printhead easily.


- Available size: 100ml per bottle. 5ml syringe provided.

- Colour: Ocean Blue

How does it work?

1. First step, take down your printer printhead.

2. Find a small rectangular container with a cover. Cut a hole at the center of the cover with the size of about size of your printhead plate. Put the printhead on top of the container cover with printhead plate fit in the hole.

3. Fill in the printhead cleaner inside the container. Take note that you only fill the printhead cleaner until the height level of when it just touching the printhead plate or nozzle.

4. Rinse the printhead for 15 minutes. Now the clog ink shall flow out into the container.

5. You can also flush your printhead by a syringe with printhead cleaner. Regular flush and reverse flush to ensure all the ink been flush out thoroughly. Beware that the printhead cleaner do not splash to surround electronic components of printhead.

6. Now your printhead shall be in perfect condition. Reinstall your printhead and enjoy printing again.

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