Fulry DTF Film (Super Fast Peel) (Glossy)

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Fulry DTF Film (Super Fast Peel) (Glossy)

Fulry DTF Film (Super Fast Peel) (Glossy) comes with latest technology which speed up the peeling process by as fast as 3 seconds. It’s definitely a fantastic solution for the current fast pace and yet creative working environment.

Product Features:

- Super fast peel. Beside than faster efficiency, you can now print very small image even dot-size image on your products. Unleash your creativity!

- Good washability. More than 80 washes.

- Powder would not stick on other film surface but only on ink surface. Thus, do not require to apply more shakes on film to remove excess powder.

- Solid printing output. Ink form well on top of film. No excess ink come out from the original image position.

- Ink saver. Ink stick and dry well after print thus require lesser ink to perform good printing output.


- Available Size: A4, A3, 30cm x 100m (Roll)

- Thickness: 0.075mm

- Front Side: Glossy and non-printable side Back Side: Matte coating and print side

- Printed Result: Matte finishing after press


- Pressure: Medium-High

- Temperature: 150 Celsius

- Time: 1st Press: 20 sec 2nd Press: 5 sec

- Peel Setting: Hot Peel after 5 sec. That’s why we called Super Fast Peel!

Works on:

- Can be used on both dark and light fabric.

- For use on cotton, polyester, spandex, poly cotton, leather and most fabric and other medium hardness material like papers.

- DTF Technology can apply on various types of products such as T-Shirt, Corporate Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Cap, Jeans, Shoes, Sock, Apron, Tudong, Shawl, Pillow, Umbrella, Bag, Cardstock, Book Cover, Mouse Pad and many more.

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